By Hillary Busis
Updated August 03, 2020 at 05:43 PM EDT

Here’s hoping whoever shot this photo made a quick getaway.

The image above — a doctored image from The Godfather — comes from Google Street Scene, a nifty new Tumblr that tracks down movie stills that look plausibly like shots that could have been taken for and posted on Google Street View. “I got the idea after someone posted this very fake image on a message board,” blog creator Tre Baker told EW via email. “We started talking about making fake street views, and I put up that Mystery Train one. That led to the Tumblr.”

Finding the right images to use isn’t easy. Baker focuses on films with “street, sidewalk, or porch scenes” that follow the general rules of Google Street View: “You rarely see night scenes on there, so using the exterior of the Italian restaurant where Michael Corleone kills Sollozzo [in The Godfather] is out,” he explained. “You’re not going to see anything from the interior of a car. You’re not going to find anything taken inside a parking garage.” But discovering something that works helps to put that scene into a cool new context — “It strips away the whole silver screen aspect of it and instead tricks you into thinking, ‘Hey, that’s just another ordinary scene from Google Street View.'”

Check out Baker’s blog for more shots from favorites like Blue Velvet, Back to the Future, and No Country for Old Men — and feel free to shoot him an email if you have any suggestions for future posts. (Home Alone, anyone?)

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