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With the inauguration and Beyoncé-gate behind us, (Right? We’ve all moved on?) Countdown to Touchdown can officially commence – and that means plenty of speculation about what Queen Bey will be performing for her big Super Bowl show.

Us Weekly published a leaked set list, which says Bey will open the show with “Crazy In Love,” then midway through, be joined by Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams for a Destiny’s Child mini-set that will include “Bills, Bills, Bills” and “Survivor,” as well as new song/kind of snoozefest “Nuclear.” Those ladies will then disappear and Beyoncé will continue being Beyoncé for a few more minutes. A rep for Beyoncé did not return EW’s request for comment.

These songs are all safe guesses, so we imagine they are pretty true. And while a Destiny’s Child reunion is no doubt exciting (and better include 30 seconds of “Bootylicious,” minimum), I’m more curious about what tracks she goes with to flesh out the set. I’d love to hear “Get Me Bodied” or “Ring the Alarm,” from B’Day, and I’m guessing “Countdown” will make an appearance, but that might be it from 4. Her most popular songs, particularly for the Super Bowl crowd, are primarily from I Am…Sasha Fierce. I Am… isn’t her newest album (which she may want to promote some more) nor is it brand-new solo material. But if she doesn’t do the “Single Ladies” dance, people are going to be disappointed. Same deal with her most popular ballad, “Halo.” (And belting “Halo” could be a great way to put the Inauguration misstep to rest!)

PopWatchers: You ready for this jelly come Feb. 3?

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