By Sandra Gonzalez
Updated January 24, 2013 at 12:00 PM EST
Amy Poehler Best Buy
Credit: Best Buy

The Super Bowl is a little more than a week away, but in keeping with the trend of recent years, companies are slowly leaking details and teasers for their highly anticipated mid-game advertisements.

So what’s on the slate so far? We’ve rounded up some highlights below.

Is a warning in order? Oh, what the heck: Spoiler Alert!

+ Amy Poehler’s uber successful stint as co-host of the Golden Globes left retail giant Best Buy “wanting more” according to one exec. She will star in their ad, scheduled — like the rest, obviously — to air Feb. 3. Last year, their ad featured really rich people tech inventors.

+ Volkswagen oftenproduces some of the most-anticipated ads of the Super Bowl and Thursday they released a preview of their spot. (Watch it below.) It features the who’s who in YouTube meltdown land — like that crying cat girl and the guy who destroyed his XBox. Their hook? “Time to get happy.”

+ Mercedes Benz, meanwhile, kept their strategy simple (if not shameless) by having Kate Upton do poses in slow motion. No bells or whistles here — just a hot girl being hot around a car that she doesn’t technically wash.

+ On Monday, Coke got into the pre-buzz game by releasing a teaser for their mirage-themed ad. The twist? The teaser is a cliffhanger and the outcome will be decided by bored people viewers who vote on Some biopic director in Hollywood is certainly kicking themselves for not scooping up that domain name while they had a chance. Audi is doing a similar choose-your-own-ending bit.

+ MiO released a teaser for their 30-second spot that pushes their new water enhancer that aims to infiltrate the sports drink market. The 30-second commercial spot will feature 30 Rock‘s Tracy bleeping Morgan. Watch that teaser over at the Washington Post.

+ Hyundai — the clear over achiever here — will air five different commercials on game day, four of which are new, according to a report that details the new spots. Arguably the most intriguing part of the rundown? One of the commercials will feature “a brand new song from ‘a legendary alternative rock band.'” Hmmm… (Spoiler: It’s the Flaming Lips.) The one commercial of the series that has already aired can be seen here.

+ And lastly, if you thought Psy’s fifteen minutes were up it turns out he’s actually clocking in around the 14:47 range. He’s scored a pistachio commercial.

+ Startup .CO has partnered with for a commercial that asks people to “get off the couch and get their big ideas online,” according to a release. Judging by the “get off the couch” part, I’m not entirely sure they know their audience. (Watch it here.)

UPDATE: Hulu has them all in one place:

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