Last night, Kathryn Bigelow stopped by The Colbert Report and addressed the controversy surrounding the torture scenes in Zero Dark Thirty.

“First of all, torture is reprehensible,” Bigelow said. “And I think it’s a very controversial issue. It’s been debated since the early part of 2000. And it’s gonna continue to be debated. And I would call this movie kind of the first draft of history, or maybe the first rough cut of history.”

In the extended interview Colbert pushes further, asking Bigelow if she thinks that the firsthand information given to her was accurate or if it was twisted to make the torture techniques seem worth while.

“Do you think that was true, or do you think you were duped?” Colbert asked.

“I think that it’s a fair assessment of the events of those times,” Bigelow responded, adding that she welcomed more information as it comes to light.

Watch the video below:

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