Have you ever wanted to share a bottle of tequila with George Clooney until he got so drunk that he mistakenly thought you were Stacy Keibler? OK, so we can't really help you out with the second half of that scenario, but the first half is suddenly much more plausible thanks to Clooney's latest business venture.

The sexier-with-age movie star is teaming up Rande Gerber to create Casamigos, a new brand of tequila. According to Vanity Fair, Gerber and Clooney will sign every bottle that is made, number it and even taste it themselves (aka you're sharing a drink with George Clooney … get it?). But as delicious and tempting as it all sounds, we always imagined that Clooney was more of a scotch neat kind of guy.

But Clooney isn't the first celebrity to surprise us with his taste in alcohol, and we're sure he won't be the last. Here's a rundown of some celebrities who have given the business of booze a try. Who matches up best with his or her drink of choice?

Sean Diddy Combs: Ciroc Vodka

Carlos Santana: Santana DVX and Santana Brut Sparkling Wine, Casa Noble Tequila

Bethenny Frankel: Skinny Girl Cocktails

Pitbull: Voli Vodka

Drew Barrymore: Barrymore Pinot Grigio

Pharrell Williams: Qream with a Q cream liqeur

Yao Ming: Yao Family Wines

Justin Timberlake: 901 Silver Tequila

Ludacris: Conjure Cognac

Marilyn Manson: Mansinthe

Donald Trump: Trump Super Premium Vodka

Lil Jon: Little Jonathan Winery

Vince Neil: Tres Rios Tequila

Roberto Cavalli: Roberto Cavalli Vodka

Sammy Hagar: Cabo Wabo Tequila

Dan Aykroyd: Dan Aykroyd Wines, Crystal Head Vodka

Willie Nelson: Old Whiskey River Bourbon

Dave Matthews: The Dreaming Tree Wines

Dr. Dre: Aftermath Cognac

Francis Ford Coppola: Francis Ford Coppola Wine

Danny DeVito: Danny DeVito Premium Limoncello

We have to give the award for best match to Willie Nelson and his Old Whiskey River Bourbon (for obvious reasons). But when it comes to mismatches, we just have to say it: Little Jonathan Winery?! Nothing about that is making us scream "Yeah!"

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