By Lynette Rice
Updated January 23, 2013 at 10:18 PM EST
Alison Sweeney Days Of Our Lives
Credit: NBC

There is always a milestone to celebrate on daytime dramas — especially given how old these shows are — but some anniversaries deserve more than just a giant sheet cake for the cast and crew. This month, Alison Sweeney will celebrate her 2oth year playing Sami Brady on NBC’s Days of our Lives.

To help celebrate the occasion, EW asked the actress — who still finds time to direct episodes of the soap while hosting The Biggest Loser — to identity her five favorite moments playing the popular character. Here they are, in no particular order.

Episode 11404. Sami blows up to EJ when she discovers the truth about Sydney, thanks to Rafe. Listen to how deep her voice gets when she really lets him have it!


Episode 11099. Sami says goodbye to baby Grace. (No makeup, and the gal still looks pretty dang good.)


Episode 11209. Sami slaps Nicole twice — TWICE — for kidnapping Sydney. Hell hath no fury than a pissed-off blonde.


Episode 9623. Sami and Lucas end up in a flour fight while baking. You’re a good mom, Sami! You just can’t bake worth a damn.


Episode No. 7107. Sami reveals to Marlena how she saw her making love to John. Crimony, Alison looks so young! But she did start out on Days at the tender age of 16.

Any you think she left out?