What does Paramore look and sound like in 2013? “Now” we have an answer.

Following the defection of the Farro brothers in December 2010, many wondered what the band would sound like without two of the components who made songs like “Decode” and “Misery Business” into huge hits.

Last year’s “Singles Club” releases (“Renegade,” “Hello Cold World,” and “In the Mourning”) suggested little, but the band’s just-released new single “Now” certainly suggests what the future might hold for the band.

“Now” thumps and grooves like the Paramore of old, but the intro tosses in some noisy grinding that makes it sound like the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and there’s some keyboard tossed in there for some neo new-wave fun.

The hook isn’t quite there on early listenings, but it’s good to hear singer Hayley Williams wrapping her expressive pipes around another stout survivor’s anthem.

Check it out below:

“Now” is the first single from the band’s forthcoming self-titled album, their fourth, due to be released on April 9.

What do you think of “Now”? How does it stack up against previous Paramore singles? Sound off in the comments.