Comedy Central’s crack fake news team kicked off four more years of Obama jokes last night, when the president’s second inauguration provided a wealth of material for both The Daily Show and The Colbert Report.

Jon Stewart began the evening with a discussion of the day’s main event: Michelle Obama’s awesome new bangs. He also hit on the inauguration itself — which featured an Obama screw-up that must have made Mitt Romney spit out his milk, George Stephanopoulos proving that all tall people look the same to him, and a presidential address that detailed “a healthcare plan designed to kill your white grandparents. Kill ’em dead!” Pretty solid stuff, though not quite as notable as the fact that the show welcomed Supreme Court justice Sonia Sotomayor just hours after she swore in Vice President Biden. (Someone give The Daily Show‘s guest booker a raise, stat.)

Stewart didn’t exactly act like an Obama cheerleader — but true-red “conservative” Colbert was downright dour, complaining about the president being sworn in two times (“To get rid of him, we have to impeach him twice!”) and writing a limerick as an alternative to Richard Blanco’s “One Today,” which the poet read at the ceremony:

“There once was a man named Barack

Whose reelection came as a shock

He raised taxes I pay

And turned marriage gay

And now he’s coming after your glock.”

And that’s nothing compared to the names Colbert came up with when he just couldn’t seem to remember the words “Mitt Romney”:

Which comedian do you think lobbed the best inaugural one-liners?

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