We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming with some breaking news! Sean is working out without his shirt on: let’s go in for a closer look. Now that we have confirmed Sean has gotten his daily, shirtless, workout in, lets explore what was a very pivotal week in the Bachelor house.

This week really felt like somebody flipped an emotional switch. Lesley M. got the first date and it was a record breaker. When I heard about this idea to attempt to break the record for longest on screen kiss for a date I wasn’t exactly sure how it was going to work, but it turned out to be fantastic. Lesley had no idea what was happening, and when she walked out and saw all of us standing there her expression was priceless.

It was pretty cool to set this stage up on Hollywood Boulevard for everybody to see. A big crowd gathered and everybody really got into it, especially Lesley and Sean. When you hear the previous record for longest on screen kiss was three minutes fifteen seconds it doesn’t sound that crazy. What you have to realize is it’s not just kissing for that long, that’s easy, but someone has to televise a continuous kiss for over three minutes. The more you think about it, the more you realize that’s a lot of screen time for just one continuous kiss.

Sean and Leslie actually had to try twice to break the record. The first time they started kissing they went after it so passionately they forgot about the rules and their lips came apart and they had to start over. The second time they kept their concentration and they blew right past the record, and you got to see every second of it. Well, you actually had to see every second of it because that’s the point of the longest on-screen kiss. I think it’s only fitting that The Bachelor franchise holds this record and I can’t see anybody taking that away from us for quite some time.

After I was lucky enough to have an awkward front row seat to watch Sean and Lesley make out I got to spend a day at the beach on the group date. This date was held down at Zuma Beach in Malibu, only about ten minutes from the Bachelor mansion. The girls were having a good time but they knew something was coming. Once I broke the ladies up into two teams they actually went and practiced for a bit with two professional beach volleyball players. After a good practice session with the pros it was time to play.

If they practiced for a couple hours with the pros, and they did, you sure couldn’t tell. A few of the ladies had some skills but the majority of them did not. You might have noticed Sean was on the court from time to time. He would float back and forth between the two teams helping them both out. I’d like the record to show that Sean went over to help the red team at the end when they lost. I let him hear about that for a while.

After the game the losers piled into a rental van and the others made the short drive up to Sean’s house for a victory party. Lindsay, who started off on such an awkward note with Sean has definitely recovered. She has really turned things around and Sean is very interested in her and ended up giving her the rose. Desiree continues to impress Sean. Amanda intrigues Sean but it may be moving more along the lines of baffling him. This week’s dating faux pas award goes to Amanda. Sean let Amanda know there was a lot he didn’t know about her… so she started her next sentence with, “If we were to get married…” Maybe something along the lines of “What would you like to know about me?”, “Ask me anything”, “What can I tell you about myself?” — any of these responses would have been better, I think.

Speaking of mistakes, boy did Kacie step in it this week. I’m not sure what the thought behind her strategy to get involved in the drama or bringing it up to Sean was, but man it backfired. After having been through this once before I was a little surprised she wasn’t a little savvier. Sean, who was already a little skeptical about her being there, was really thrown off by this and he ended up sending her home. I really thought the way he pulled her aside in the middle of the rose ceremony was classy. Not that the other ladies deserve less, but Kacie’s situation was a bit different and their prior relationship made it important to treat her a little differently in sending her home so early.

AshLee got the final date this week, but right before they were due to leave, tragedy struck at the Bachelor mansion. Well, it wasn’t exactly tragic. In fact, I’m not sure what it was. Tierra slipped and fell down some stairs but nobody really knows how bad it really was. It didn’t seem to be too bad or maybe Sean is a miracle cure for a concussion, because when he showed up she got real good, real quick. Tierra did not go to the hospital, by her own request.

After the drama AshLee and Sean did get to enjoy their date and what a special day it was. We are very proud to use this date to shine a light on a very worthy cause: the Starlight Children’s Foundation. I urge you to take a minute and learn more about this foundation by going to our website. The two young ladies that joined them on the date to Six Flags had the time of their lives and it was extremely cool to give them that experience. On a romantic note, AshLee and Sean really connected on this date and now there is yet another strong relationship growing in the house. I want to give a special shout out to the Eli Young Band; Sean absolutely loves these guys and they put on a great show.

The mood at the house for the cocktail party was intense. Everybody wanted a piece of Sean that night. It seemed like everybody had just one more thing they positively had to tell him. There was one light moment, when he arranged to have Sarah’s dog Leo brought to the house.This was a grand gesture that meant a lot to Sarah. The only problem is Leo doesn’t exactly love traveling in cars — so let’s just say we owe the limo company a little money for cleanup.

Emotions are already running extremely high at the house and as you saw in the preview for next week things will begin to spill over. Tierra is an incredibly polarizing figure in the house and Amanda also seems to get the best of people. These women definitely see Sean as an amazing catch and they are starting to pull out all the stops to get his attention and win his heart. This week I’m excited to head out to New York to do some work on Good Morning America on Friday. And if you’re in the Chicago area on Saturday, come out and say hello to me at the Travel and Adventure show. In the meantime you can always reach me via Twitter and instagram @chrisbharrison.

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