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January 22, 2013 at 08:00 PM EST

Hope everyone had a pleasant MLK day! Spoiler Room enjoyed its day off as well, but is back at work today and comes carrying a hefty amount of scoopage.

In related news: thanks for all your great questions this week! Keep them coming:


Before I get to our main event, did y’all like last night’s episode as much as I did? If so, make sure you read my post-mortem with executive producer Stephen Nathan here. We talk about Pelant’s next return and preview some emotional upcoming episodes.

Now, on to business: I get asked about Sweets and Daisy almost as much as Booth and Brennan. (Almost.) So you’ll be happy to learn that we’ll see Daisy once again very soon. How? Nathan explains: “We are revisiting Sweets and Daisy. We have once where they kind of saw each other again and realized it was over. But we do have an episode coming up where Sweets’ living arrangement will change yet again. and Daisy is in that episode. But I don’t really want to say what happens.”

Subtext: Yes, Sweets’ stay with Booth and Brennan is coming to an end in a few episodes. (Awww! I liked the roomies!) But it could mean good news for Sweets and Daisy.

Fair trade? Thoughts?


Think you’ve seen all NCIS has to offer? Think again. In an upcoming episode, the show will blow the lid off the mysteries of…the NCIS van? Yup.

Usually, when the gang leaves a crime scene, the body magically ends up back at autopsy, but in an episode slated to air later this season, we’ll see the process of getting a body back to the lab is anything but simple for Palmer and Ducky. “I asked [writer] Steve Binder to think of an episode about what happens when they leave the crime scene with the body and all the little details of what happens in their van,” executive producer Gary Glasberg says of the episode. “He came up with a really funny script that I’m very excited about. It’s the two of them on the road, on a crime scene, going back to NCIS….Fans are going to get all sorts of little quirks that they’ve never seen before.”

In related Palmer news, I asked Glasberg if we’ll be seeing his new wife any time soon and he confirms that they’re hoping to work that in “soon.”

Additionally, if you haven’t checked out my exclusive photos of Abby as a youngin, make sure you do so. Bonus scoop: I’m told there’s a really sweet scene between her and Gibbs at the end of the episode that’s not to be missed!


Arrow continues to surprise me, y’all. I’ve been a fan since the pilot, but I never could have foreseen how fast they’d jump into some of the heavier Green Arrow mythology. Color me pleased!

Also pleasing? The impending return of the Huntress and Deathstroke, who we saw donning a mask earlier this season. I got even more excited about the latter when speaking to executive producer Marc Guggenheim, who teased what we can expect when Manu Bennett (Spartacus) makes his first appearance in episode 13.

“One of the things we like to do on the show is use the comic book expectations to surprise people. So I will say that when Oliver meets Manu’s character, it’s a seismic change in the level of trust that Oliver does or does not feel on the island,” he teases. “And the connection with Deathstroke is probably not what people are expecting.”

Not enough to entice you? Guggenheim confirms that the Huntress and Dig will definitely not be the only ones to learn Oliver’s secret this season. “We’re wasting no time,” he says.

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