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Mama just killed a man. Well, a whole bunch of men, actually. Namely, Arnold Schwarznegger, Russell Crowe, and Mark Wahlberg.

Universal's $15 million Guillermo Del Toro-produced horror film Mama easily topped the box office on Friday with a sizzling $10 million, putting it on pace for a shriek-worthy $31 million over the four-day frame. Mama will become the second straight chart-topper for star Jessica Chastain, who reigned atop the box office last week with Zero Dark Thirty.

Speaking of Zero Dark Thirty, the controversial drama held strong in second place during its second Friday in wide release with another $4.6 million, thereby guaranteeing Chastain both first and second place. Sony's Oscar contender may take home about $19 million by Monday night, which would give it a solid $57 million total.

In third place, the Russell Crowe/Mark Wahlberg thriller Broken City majorly underperformed with a weak $3.0 million on its opening day. Though Wahlberg successfully opened his action vehicle Contraband to $24.3 million on this weekend last year, this time around, the usually reliable draw will have to settle for about half that much this time around. Broken City should earn about $11 million over four days.

On the first day of its nationwide expansion, Silver Linings Playbook earned a solid $3.0 million from 2,523 theaters, and due to its older target audience (and the fact that it's not a new release) it should hold up better than Broken City over the rest of the weekend. The Weinstein dramedy will likely add about $12 million to its already formidable cume, which would place it right at $55 million by the end of the frame.

Rounding out the Top 5 was Warner Bros.' crime drama Gangster Squad, which fell 60 percent from its first Friday to $2.7 million. The Sean Penn/Josh Brolin film could earn $10-11 million over the holiday weekend.

1. Mama – $10.0 million

2. Zero Dark Thirty – $4.6 million

3. Broken City – $3.0 million

4. Silver Linings Playbook – $3.0 million

5. Gangster Squad – $2.7 million

Further down the chart, Arnold Schwarznegger's latest, The Last Stand, utterly tanked with only $2.0 million from 2,913 theaters on Friday, giving the film a wretched $687 one-day per theater average. It's safe to say the Governator doesn't pack the box office punch he once did. The Last Stand will be lucky to earn $7.5 million by Monday night.

And in milestone news, Skyfall passed the $300 million mark domestically yesterday. The film, which has already surpassed $1 billion worldwide, earned $260,000 on Friday (its 71st day of release) and has now earned $300.1 million — by far the best total ever for a Bond movie.

Check back tomorrow for a full box office report.

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