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What will the Colbert Nation make of this?

Elizabeth Colbert-Busch, one of Comedy Central star Stephen Colbert’s older sisters, will run for Congress in her home state of South Carolina — as a Democrat — according to a report from local newspaper the St. Andrews Patch. This is Colbert-Busch’s first foray into politics; she’s previously worked for various administrative departments at Clemson University. The race for the traditionally Republican seat in the state’s First Congressional District — which runs along the Atlantic coast — is a hotly contested one, with ex-governor Mark Sanford one of several Republicans vying for the seat.

Colbert, whose persona on The Colbert Report is a staunch Republican supporter, is quite familiar with electoral politics in his home state. He tried to enter the South Carolina G.O.P. presidential primary twice, in 2008 and 2012, though both times he failed to get his name on the ballot. In 2012, Colbert and his legit SuperPAC circumvented the roadblock by throwing support to Herman Cain, who had suspended his campaign but remained on the S.C. ballot. The Colbert/Cain partnership won 1.1 percent of the vote, beating Rick Perry, Jon Huntsman and Michelle Bachmann.

A rep for Colbert has not responded to request from EW for comment.

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