Want everyone to know your Name? ''Drinking With Men'' memorist Rosie Schaap—who estimates she's spent 13,000 hours at bars—offers EW tips on how to become a regular.

By EW Staff
January 18, 2013 at 05:00 AM EST

Drinking With Men

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Don’t Alienate the Nonregulars
”No one likes to feel like the stranger blowing into the saloon in a Western. A good regular is kind of like an ambassador for his or her local, so be nice to newcomers and make them feel welcome. Before you know it, they’ll be regulars too, and then you can ignore them or indulge them as much as the people you’ve been drinking with every night for ten years.”

Help a bartender out
”Along with the bartenders, barbacks, and servers,regulars are part of the bar family. So if you walk in and happen to see that the bar is four deep, there’s a huge party in full swing, and your bartender is totally in the weeds, hold back a little.”

Keep it light
”Don’t make trouble. And I’m not talking about bar brawls, though those should be avoided too. If one of your fellow regulars is working your nerves, try to sort it out with him or her. Don’t drag the rest of us into it; the bar is where we come to decompress, not stress out.

Freebies are a privilege, not a right
”Don’t be a schnorrer, as my mother would say. Regularhood does not equal entitlement so never assume you’re exempt from paying (or tipping). Buybacks are usually up to your bartender, not an automatic right. The less you expect, the more you receive. That’s been my experience.”

Remember common courtesy
”No matter how friendly and cozy and comfortable you are at your local, never forget to say ‘please’ and ‘thank you.’ Manners, ladies and gentleman!”

Drinking With Men

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