Mythbusters is doing a zombie episode!

Or maybe that should be: Mythbusters hasn’t done a zombie episode before!

Because you would think after nine seasons the Discovery hit would have thought of tackling zombie movie myths previously (before, say, trying to figure out if you can build a parachute from materials in your hotel room). But no, this is a first. We don’t know if there will be guest stars yet. We do know one of the myths being tested is attempting to figure out which weapon is really best for killing a horde of the undead (perhaps put an end to all those crossbow vs. machete debates).

Also, the guys need your help. Mythbusters is seeking 300 zombie volunteers to help shoot the episode in a few weeks. Check their Twitter account for details. EW cannot guarantee your safety. The zombie episode will air as part of the show’s upcoming 10th season.

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