January 18, 2013 at 06:02 PM EST

The end of Fringe comes with a parting gift for fans. Fringe: September’s Notebook – The Bishop Paradox, an officially licensed product published by Insight Editions, chronicles the history (or rather multiple histories) and maps the diverse and dynamic world (and parallel worlds) of the sci-fi saga starring Anna Torv, Joshua Jackson, and John Noble. The well-designed 192-page art-heavy hardback tome – filled with photos, newspaper clippings, FBI case files and Massive Dynamic memorandums — is told through the perspective of Fringe’s signature Observer, September, that time traveling, hot sauce chugging 20th century fanboy, played by Michael Cerveris.

The notebook (glimpsed in the Jan. 11 episode “The Boy Must Live”) is presented as “in-world storytelling,” meaning that it has actual significance to the Fringe narrative. It even promises to provide “new insight into the series.” This Fringe fan hopes September can summarize The Pattern in a succinct, cohesive way, as well as supply intel on my favorite unresolved bit of Fringe lore: Whatever happened to Phillip Broyles’ original Fringe Division team that preceded Olivia, Peter, Walter and Astrid? (See: Season 1, Episode 2, Act One, Broyles’ first line.) #NEVERFORGETNAGGINGLOOSEENDS!

The book will retail for $27.50 and goes on sale in March. More info can be found here. But before you click away, check out our exclusive excerpt in the pages that follow. (For a closer look at each page, your cursor functions as a magnifying glass. Scroll and scrutinize!)

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