All it takes is a hit, Oscar-nominated movie based on your small debut novel about mental illness, relationships, and the Philadelphia Eagles to become one of the most coveted voices in town. Silver Linings Playbook author Matthew Quick is a Hollywood Cinderella story. And things just keep getting better for the former English teacher.

Friday it was announced that DreamWorks had acquired the rights to adapt his upcoming book The Good Luck of Right Now, about a middle-aged man named Bartholomew Neil, who has always lived with his mother in Philadelphia. “We immediately sparked to Matthew Quick’s book and the heart and humor which is infused in his storytelling,” said DreamWorks’ Holly Bario in a press release. “All of us at DreamWorks are excited to begin developing this story and look to make it a priority at the studio.”

According to literary agent Douglas Stewart, who negotiated the deal along with CAA, when Bartholomew’s mother dies, he “finds himself on a pilgrimage of sorts, headed to Canada with his new librarian girl-crush, her foul-mouthed but loving brother, and the local priest who has just been kicked out of his parish. All told through a series of elaborate and engaging letters addressed to Richard Gere (yes, Richard Gere) we follow Bartholomew on an expedition of the heart and mind, and root for him as he tries to come to terms with the strangeness that he harbors inside.”

The book is expected to be released in the spring of 2014 by HarperCollins. DreamWorks does not yet have a timeline for developing the movie, but we hope Richard Gere at least makes a cameo in the adaptation!

Silver Linings Playbook was developed by The Weinstein Company to great success, so it’s an interesting move to go to a different studio. When asked about the decision to go with DreamWorks instead of Weinstein, Stewart said “my whole team has loved working with the Weinstein folks on Silver Linings Playbook. They have been and continue to be wonderful to Matthew Quick. The new DreamWorks deal is simply because they immediately loved the author’s new novel and came after it very aggressively.”

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