By Kristen Baldwin
Updated January 17, 2013 at 02:54 PM EST

This week, in perhaps the most bizarre dates in Bachelor history, Sean took Desiree the bridal stylist to a fake art gallery as part of an elaborate, but not particularly successful, practical joke. While many of you commenting on my recap wondered if Desiree was in on the joke the whole time, this deleted scene from Monday’s episode indicates — to me at least — that Desiree believed she was in a real art gallery… filled with really terrible art. Click through to watch Sean and Desiree peruse and appraise the awful portraits and sculptures.

To me, the key is in how Des lowers her voice when she asks Sean, “Would you put any of this in your house?” If she knew that the artist was in fact an actor and that all the patrons were as well, would she really try to spare their feelings by whispering her opinion? Of course, I am overthinking this. Either way, Desiree and the Bachelor definitely demonstrate a comfortable rapport, and her suggestion that the large, pointy metal sculpture would go best “next to, like, your baby’s crib” was actually pretty funny. So, rose lovers, are you convinced?


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