By Hillary Busis
January 16, 2013 at 06:11 PM EST

He’s bringing Myspace back. Scratch that: He’s brought Myspace back.

Justin Timberlake’s much-balleyhooed redesign of the once-popular social network finally went live today. If you bite the bullet and make a new account — or manage to remember what your 16-year-old self set as the password on your original account — you’ll be free to click around the site and marvel at its cool use of white space, its nifty horizontal interface (which seems tailor-made for tablet browsing), and the profiles of Timberlake-approved celebrities like Beyoncé and Timbaland.

Though Myspace 2.0 is much sleeker and more sophisticated than its garish, ultra-customizable ancestor, the new version did keep one of the original site’s most popular features — the Top 8, which just isn’t the same without Tom Anderson‘s iconic over-the-shoulder photo. As of now, Timberlake’s Top 8 still has one spot left; the others are filled by singer-songwriter Ray LaMontagne, SNL punchline Bon Iver, Frank Ocean, Rihanna, Kings of Leon, T.I., and singer-songwriter Kenna. The site also boasts what it’s billing as “the world’s largest library of digital music.”

The strangest feature of all, though, may be the fact that users have the option of signing into it using their Facebook or Twitter accounts. Isn’t it odd to see social networks socializing?

Will you explore the new Myspace — or are you all social media’d out?

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