Hot Tub Time Machine
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Hot Tub Time Machine grossed a decent-but-not-huge amount of money in theaters back in 2010, apparently proving once and for all that the American public just wasn’t ready for a movie title Hot Tub Time Machine. But the movie grossed a decent chunk of change on DVD, and now the Hollywood Reporter claims that MGM is currently in the early stages of developing a sequel. The key part of the equation seems to be Rob Corddry, who played Lou, the most memorable/insane part of the original ensemble. In the three years since Hot Tub, Corddry’s Adult Swim series Childrens Hospital has grown into a cult hit. Ratings have risen; the show has won an Emmy; the cast has staged an annual chaos-takeover of EW’s Comic-Con interview lounge.

Not coincidentally, the Reporter story indicates that Corddry could have an expanded role in the sequel, possibly serving as a co-writer alongside returning director Steve Pink. The studio has also reached out to Craig Robinson and Clark Duke, while John Cusack — who produced Hot Tub and played the nominal lead — appears to not be involved at this point.

When contacted by EW, MGM had no comment on the possibility of a Hot Tub screenplay, while a rep for Corddry confirms that the details of the Reporter story are correct, but the sequel is still in its very early stages with nothing set in stone.

A Hot Tub sequel makes sense for MGM, which is emerging from bankruptcy and is probably in the mood to franchise-ify a film in its catalogue. And it would be interesting to see what Hot Tub Time Machine would look like with more of Corddry’s aggressively absurd comedy mixed in. Also, Billy Zabka needs some work. Unless they time travel to a different decade this time? The 70s? The 90s? 2015, when everyone has hoverboards?

And now, apropos of nothing, here’s the Hospital cast acting insane and deconstructive:

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