By Kristen Baldwin
Updated January 15, 2013 at 06:05 AM EST

As we all know, one of the key qualities men look for when searching for a mate is her ability to pose as a vampire, Southern belle, cowgirl, or glamor vixen on the cover of a mass-market romance novel. Which must be why Sean staged his first group date of the season at a photo shoot for Harlequin on last night’s episode of The Bachelor. The woman who showed the most chemistry with Sean in her photos was granted a three-book cover deal with the romance novel giant, and — spoiler alert — Kristy the professional model took the crown. Click through to see Kristy’s winning photo, as well as runner-up “covers” featuring the Bachelor with Selma, Taryn, and cowgirl Lesley.

Aww, don’t they look cute? Unfortunately, you won’t find Seduced at your local supermarket anytime soon — this and the other Bachelor-themed covers are for your amusement only. Kristy, as winner, will get to shoot three additional covers for real Harlequin romance novels.

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Credit: Lewis Jacobs/NBC

I’m not 100 percent thrilled with the framing of this image. More dress, less balcony please!

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Credit: Lewis Jacobs/NBC

Sure, Taryn looks lovely — for a vampire, that is — but I’m shocked that Robyn’s vampire-themed shoot didn’t win out. She licked the man’s chin, for God’s sake!

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Credit: Lewis Jacobs/NBC

The best part of this picture? The horse working his “I’d really prefer to be somewhere else” face in the top left-hand corner. Testify, you magnificent beast!

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