Listening to a Brit talk gun control and the Second Amendment was sure to get Stephen Colbert’s well, guns blazing.

Piers Morgan stopped by The Colbert Report last night to comment on the CNN host’s call for stricter gun laws and his interview with radio host Alex Jones, who wants Morgan deported for his views. It turns out Colbert and Jones have that in common. Colbert opened his chat with Morgan by saying, “I mean this in the most respectful way possible: Get the f— out of Dodge!”

The chat amusingly went downhill from there, with Colbert whipping out a different pocket constitution every time Morgan tried to make a point. “I think it’s a cheap shot to bring up the subject that we’re talking about,” Colbert explained when Morgan tried to discuss the recent school massacres.

The interview peaked with Morgan describing what he seems to think many Americans’ greatest fear is: Prince William and Kate Middleton coming to the U.S. and taking away all the AR-15s.

Watch below and find out just how many pocket constitutions Colbert has on his person.

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