By Hillary Busis
Updated January 15, 2013 at 03:59 PM EST

Genial talk show host Jay Leno and aggressively odd rapper Nicki Minaj seem like they have approximately nothing in common. But on The Tonight Show yesterday, the two realized that they actually do share something: They’ve both been involved in high-profile celebrity feuds.

Yes, says Minaj, the animosity between her and fellow new American Idol judge Mariah Carey isn’t trumped up for the cameras: “It definitely isn’t a fake feud.” According to her, the fighting began as simple joking around before taking a turn for the real (maybe around the same time Nicki cursed out Mariah in North Carolina). “We’re both passionate, and both crazy, and we’re both, you know,” Minaj helpfully explained to Leno, adding, “and then sometimes it just goes ‘rawrr!'”

That said, Minaj does think that the bad blood has been trumped up by tabloids simply because both she and Carey are women. “I mean, you’ve been in a feud before, with a guy,” she pointed out to Leno, not specifying whether she meant his long-term beef with David Letterman or 2010’s whole Conan debacle. Or Jimmy Kimmel’s one-sided feud with Leno, for that matter.

In any case, Leno went ahead and gave Minaj some advice for how to deal with the fallout: “I just ignore it. Let the other people feud. You’re a musician, you do what you do. We just do our show. I don’t say bad things about anybody. People do what they do.” Guess that explains his pacifistic response to Kimmel in 2010.

Will Minaj listen to his counsel? Only time will tell — though if the Mariah feud keeps getting people to talk about this season of Idol, that possibility seems about as likely as Kimmel recording an amorous video called “I’m F—ing Jay Leno.”

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