By Chris Harrison
Updated January 15, 2013 at 06:05 AM EST

Ladies and gentlemen, your Miss America 2013 is… Miss New York. I want to start this week by congratulating Miss New York on winning the crown and by thanking the Miss America Organization for having me back again this year to host the show. I have to admit I was a little surprised when I peeked at the card on the stage and saw the judges chose Miss New York over the very popular Miss South Carolina. It was definitely a bit of an upset, but Miss New York is a very deserving winner and really blew the judges away in her interview earlier in the week, and that stuck with them throughout the final night. Imagine me being involved with a competition show that had a little drama. I appreciate all of you that watched the ceremony and for all of those that watched the Bachelor on Monday night.

I was so happy we were able to get the cameras to Sean’s house in time to catch him in the middle of his workout… pardon me, his shirtless workout. I did feel a little bad when we accidentally caught him in the middle of his shower. But being the man he is, Sean took it all in stride and got ready for his week of first dates. Sarah got the first one-on-one date and was as nervous as she was excited. It always amazes me every time we land a helicopter on the driveway of the mansion. The space it lands on isn’t very wide and I’m always so impressed with the pros that land those choppers each time.

This date was one of the most challenging for Team Bachelor to figure out. How do you drop people 30 stories and make sure they’re safe? Teaming up with some experts made it completely safe, but it certainly didn’t make it any less scary. Mark my words, they were terrified. So, Sean picked Sarah for the first extreme date of the season and that can mean good things. There’s Bachelor history on her side. Very often, the girl that gets the extreme date goes very far with the Bachelor. If their date and chemistry are any indication, I think this is going to be the case again. (By the way, did anyone else notice the exit sign that was on the roof of the building next to Sarah that led to nothing but a three hundred foot fall?) Sarah and Sean really hit it off and she easily got the rose as well as the first real kiss of the season.

The first group date is always a tough one, and when I say “tough” I mean “an intensely awkward challenge where one guy tries to impossibly entertain 14 women.” I loved the idea of two of my favorite things coming together on this date: Harlequin books and The Bachelor. On this date we all got to see how Tierra is beginning to rub the other ladies the wrong way, but at this point Sean obviously has no idea and really likes her. When Kristy started talking the talk I thought there was no way she would actually walk the walk — but she hit it out of the park, easily winning the competition.

Katie illustrated something that often happens on this show and I’m glad we showed you all of it. This journey isn’t for everybody and it can get the best of you. I applaud Katie for realizing this early on and pulling herself out instead of sticking around taking a spot that another woman should have. Kacie got the rose on this date and did manage to make it out of the friend zone, but she’s not out of the woods yet. Sean is still skeptical of this whole thing and she’s got some work to do before she totally earns Sean’s trust.

My favorite thing about this week’s episode was easily the elaborate practical joke we played on Desiree. I have to really give it up to our producers and our art department who are always impressive pulling off a normal date, but they had to really pull out all the stops to make this work like it did. The studio was so incredibly transformed into an art gallery I really couldn’t tell what was real and what wasn’t. I had a blast being a part of it. I was happy to see Desiree had as much fun with it as we did. This prank really broke the ice for the two of them and set up their relationship in a great way. The rest of their date was easy, romantic and hopeful. She got the rose and like many women in the house, can already Sean as her boyfriend. The only problem with that is when this many women are falling for the Bachelor, there’s bound to be drama.

We already got a glimpse of the storm brewing around Tierra, and most the women were surprised Amanda, who was incredibly awkward during the cocktail party, got a rose. Next week the relationships will continue to build at an alarming rate. Sean has a sincere way of making each woman feel like she’s the only one in the room and the only one in his life. This is a great quality, but in this kind of situation can obviously lead to confusion and trouble. Thank you so much for watching and can’t wait to chat next week. In the meantime check out exclusive blogs from past contestants at and you can always find me via Instagram and twitter @chrisbharrison.

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