By Nuzhat Naoreen
January 15, 2013 at 08:18 PM EST

Carrie Bradshaw may be back on TV, but don’t expect to see her running around in Manolos anytime soon.

“Everyone’s going to be watching and hoping she’s in Manolos in high school, but I think they’re going to be pleasantly surprised that she’s in Keds and it makes sense [because] they’re leopard Keds,” says Eric Daman, costume designer for The Carrie Diaries, the 80s prequel to Sex and the City that premièred last night.

“[I looked at] how [SATC’s Carrie] would mix things up and play around with style and push the envelope a little bit,” says Daman, who worked on SATC under legendary costume designer Patricia Field and later helmed the costume department for Gossip Girl. “I wanted to keep that kind of linear with the younger Carrie, but of course making it more teen appropriate.”

Read on to get the scoop on Carrie’s most notable looks from last night’s episode.

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Her Work Look:

Damian says that Carrie’s late mother’s closet will play a big part in shaping her style. “Carrie adapts the leftover pieces into her own style so it’s kind of a mixture of 50s, 60s, 70s, and also some 80s, but also some very contemporary pieces,” he explains. For her first day on the job in the city, Carrie wears a blouse that used to belong to her mom. Daman says he looked to designer Derek Lam for the 70s inspired floral top (it’s currently sold out at Nordstrom), which he then paired with an original 50s beaded cardigan. “It’s a mix of the high end… and some great vintage pieces to tie it all together,” Damian says of the ensemble.

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The Purse:

After her younger sister Dorrit accidentally spills nail polish on their late mother’s purse, Carrie decides to salvage it by splattering it with even more paint. “We kind of wanted it to feel like Paul Lock meets Interview magazine, meets 80s New York,” explains Daman, who, like Carrie, used paint and nail-polish to create the effect on the handbag, which he got from leather goods designer Mark Cross.

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The Party Dress:

Daman says the most difficult piece to nail down was the pink dress Carrie wears to her first New York City party. “AnnaSophia is tiny, tiny, tiny, so I had to find something that was kind of a pink pouf dress that wasn’t going to eat her, while showing off her best assets, to let her run around and solidify her first night out in New York,” says the wardrobe designer, who ultimately settled on an original Scazzi piece from the 80s that he found at a Los Angeles costume shop. “I just thought it was so much fun, the double polka dots, the pinks and just the cut of it.”

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The Carrie Necklace:

Though you may have missed it, the iconic Carrie necklace seen on Sex and the City is one piece that did cross over to The Carrie Diaries. Daman worked with designer Alex Woo to find the perfect typewriter C for the staple accessory. “She wears it with every outfit,” says Daman. “You’ll see it become a signature thing.”

What do you think of the reinvention of Carrie’s closet?

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