By Annie Barrett
Updated January 15, 2013 at 03:00 PM EST
Screen Shot 2013-01-15 at 2.04.44 AM

Granted, Mariah probably only looks so giddy here because a sassy male contestant has just told Nicki, “Shut yo mouth.” (Hidden gem: Randy Jackson’s hand, conjuring up this television magic.) Below, we’ve got an exclusive featurette to get you ready for American Idol‘s season 12 premiere this Wednesday and Thursday on Fox. It’s the first clip I’ve seen that shows more than just a split second of a hopeful’s crazy-good vibrato — as well as much more of the intra-judge dynamic.

We’ve also got Mariah Carey’s boobs competing with Mariah Carey’s hair for Most Volumnious in her single shot. You can’t blame her; it’s hard out there when the other diva at the table is an even bigger wig collector than you. Check it out:

Did this bring back that lovin’ feeling you’ve had for Idol in the past? Do you like Randy’s new light tan plastic frames as much as I do? (“Randy wants it, Ryan!”) And does Keith Urban have the potential to have way more pizzazz than anyone expects? Discuss!

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