Matt Stone And Trey Parker
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Trey Parker and Matt Stone have built a nice little niche in pop culture for themselves, first with the still-ongoing Comedy Central-defining cartoon South Park and more recently with the smash success of The Book of Mormon, which is sort of like a version of South Park that even your mom loves. Now they’re planning to expand their empire by forming their own production company. In a press release, Parker and Stone announced the formation of Important Studios, a production company created in collaboration with the Raine Group, a self-described “boutique merchant bank.” Important Studios brings together all the Parker-Stone projects, and is valued at an estimated $300 million by The New York Times, largely because of South Park and The Book of Mormon, though surely those residuals from Baseketball helped a little bit.

In the press release, Parker and Stone explain: “Having worked with several different studios over the years, we came to realize that our favorite people in the world are ourselves. We hope to work with ourselves for a long time and are excited to now work with ourselves in a much greater capacity.” Future projects probably include a Book of Mormon film and probably don’t include a Team America: World Police Broadway show, although a boy can dream.

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