Lindsay Lohan
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It will surprise no one to learn that Lindsay Lohan evidently was not invited to last night’s Golden Globes. But thanks to the Internet, we can know all of her thoughts on the event anyway — the Canyons star spent Sunday evening live-tweeting the ceremony, proving once and for all that the Globes are just as important as a presidential debate.

Lindsay kicked the night off by reminding us all that she was once the fresh-faced star of Mean Girls, thus inspiring the Twittersphere to contemplate its own mortality:

She went on to express controversial opinions about Damien Lewis (“he is incredible”), Paul Rudd (“Paul Rudd is the best. Ever”), and Jessica Lange, who is Lohan’s “FAVOURITE!” even though neither she nor Lange is British (or Canadian). A tiny bit of negativity crept in, though, when Lindsay sensed that somebody was disrespecting her iconic Prairie Home Companion co-star:

Who else would love to read Jennifer “I beat Meryl Streep!” Lawrence’s reaction to that tweet? (Guess Lindsay isn’t as much of a First Wives Club fan as J. Law.)

Lohan ended the night by asserting that “smart and classic” Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner remind her of her brother Michael and his girlfriend. But before that, she loosed a set of tweets that just may have wider repercussions:

Dunham hasn’t yet responded to Lohan’s comments, at least on Twitter. But think about it: You’re a woman who was in high school when Mean Girls was released, and Lindsay Lohan has just told you that she’s a fan of yours. Aren’t you basically required to call up Lindsay and invite her to do a cameo on your celebrated HBO comedy? Did Lindsay just tweet her way into another comeback attempt? Is anyone else as excited as I am at the prospect of seeing Lilo and Jessa getting into a fight at a nightclub? Talk amongst yourselves.

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