What are the chances Supernatural, Beauty and the Beast, Hart of Dixie and other CW shows will return next season?

The network’s president Mark Pedowitz was asked about the renewal odds on several programs at the network’s press tour session in Pasadena on Sunday. Here’s what we learned:

Supernatural. Firmly bullish. “We are pleased with how Wednesday night completely has worked out with Arrow being a bona fide hit and Supernatural actually gaining viewers back again. I think creatively the show’s in a great place and there’s always a good shot that that [a renewal] could happen.”

Beauty and the Beast. Sounds very likely. “We’re very pleased in terms of where it’s going creatively,” he said. “It’s basically on par with Secret Circle in the fourth quarter with total viewers. We believe the show has a very long run in front of it. We’ve made no announcements about a second season. But based on the passion of the fans both on the E! Online and the People’s Choice Awards, we think we have something in this epic love story between Cat and Vincent.” But wait, a critic pointed out: The CW cancelled Secret Circle! “I believe the show has more growth potential [than Secret Circle] in terms of its creativity and because we’re centered around that love story,” the executive explained.

90210. No determination yet, but Pedowitz said fans won’t be left hanging on a series ending one way or another. “I’m a big believer in giving fans, as you can tell by what we did for One Tree Hill and Gossip Girl, of giving fans a very satisfactory conclusion between a retrospective and a satisfactory ending,” he said. “I think it’s something that we, as a television industry, need to do, because people who stick with a show for that period of time and invested that time deserve that sort of a gift.” Amen to that.

Hart of Dixie. The executive was a bit tough to read on this one, but was generally positive. “One of our fun shows. It stands out there on a very tough Tuesday night. It has a very strong DVR presence and VOD, as well as online. Very pleased with the creative direction.”

Nikita. Pedowitz sounded subdued (as, really, he should be, given the show’s performance). ” When we moved it to 8 o’clock [Fridays], it actually started to perform better … it’s performing on par to our expectation. I’m a fan of the show. Like the show. But again, it’s performing at par.”

Also: Pedowitz was asked about the Vampire Diaries spinoff that EW was among the first to break last week. No firm new details (he hasn’t seen the script yet), though the show will take full advantage of its New Orleans setting — including the use of voodoo.