Battle Royale, Vol. 1
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You probably already figured this out. But The CW’s fleeting interest in the ultra-violent Japanese cult novel Battle Royale isn’t going to result in a show.

The CW’s president Mark Pedowitz previously reporters last year he’d “love” to do a series version of the Hunger Games-style novel, where a high school class is dropped on an island and forced to kill each other with various weapons (including guns). On Sunday at the network’s Pasadena press tour, Pedowitz said the single phone call he made inquiring about the book’s rights — a moved that was leaked to the press and blew up in the media — hasn’t amounted to anything.

“We were not able to do anything,” said Pedowitz, who noted his interest in the project predated the Colorado and Connecticut mass shootings. “We are not planning to do anything with Battle Royale … nothing occurred … there’s nothing to talk about … nothing happened.”

The network still has The Selection in the works, a project that’s been compared to Hunger Games, but lacks a violent edge. Pedowitz said the new script for The Selection just came in and it’s very well done, but obviously the network has not yet made its pilot picks.