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January 13, 2013 at 05:56 PM EST

Moonrise Kingdom

Moonrise is definitely a change of pace from the previous three. It must have been nice to step out of the darkness of the other films.

You understand now why I like to go from one type of film to another! I was glad to go into this incredible world of fantasy. Wes wanted me to write a suite, a kind of classical suite that would be an echo to Britten’s young musicians piece. So I wrote a suite and sent it to him. He loved it and that was the start. It’s really fun to work with Wes because he always comes with ideas. He pushes me. He stretches me to be more relaxed. He drives me crazy, but in a good way. The world that he offers us relates to nothing that we know and that’s the incredible magic of Wes’s talents. He writes incredible stories.

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