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Are you ready for the Season 2 premiere of Girls this Sunday?

Don’t stress if you’re not. There’s no need to binge watch the whole first season. We’ve selected three essential episodes for you to revisit before we see what Hannah, Marnie, Shosh, and Jessa have been up to over the past few months. We’re recapping Girls this season too, so be sure to check back on Sundays. Read are our three picks to catch up on Girls below!

Episode 3: “All Adventurous Women Do”

Things really get going in this episode. Jessa starts babysitting the kids of a young, wealthy Manhattan couple. She screws it up eventually, which probably results in the decision that she makes in the final episode of the season, so it’s worth checking out the origin. Her first day on the job she wears a see through caftan with neon pink underwear. Marnie sets herself on a course that will lead to her breakup with her longtime boyfriend Charlie. She lashes out at him for buzzing his hair, and flirts with the confident and charismatic Booth Jonathan at a gallery party. Booth teases her and assures her that they’ll have sex sooner or later. Hannah, meanwhile is reeling from the discovery that she has HPV and confronts her ex-boyfriend Elijah about it, only to discover that he’s gay. They end their meeting on a bad note, but Hannah finds solace in twitter and Robyn and her own private dance party (Marnie joins in eventually too).

Episode 7: “Welcome to Bushwick a.k.a The Crackcident”

Perhaps the best episode of the season, “Welcome to Bushwick” finds all of our main characters at the same warehouse party, resulting in some great interactions and developments. Shoshanna accidentally takes crack and becomes an even more manic and paranoid version of herself. Ray babysits her and ends up being kind of charmed by the lovable, crazy Shosh. Hannah discovers that Adam is actually a recovering alcoholic, and they decide to give the whole relationship thing a try. Marnie not only has to deal with the fact that Charlie has already moved on and is dating a pint-sized, scantily clad beauty, but also that no one really cares to listen to her whine about heartbreak. Elijah even slaps her. And Jessa, well, her employer makes a move and she turns him down. Even the free-spirited have their limits.

Episode 10: “She Did”

This was a strange one, wasn’t it? But the plot certainly moved forward. Jessa gets married very suddenly to the creepy venture capitalist Thomas-John. Shoshanna freaks out about wearing white to Jessa’s surprise wedding, and loses her virginity to Ray. Marnie drinks a lot of champagne, eats cake sloppily, and makes out with Bobby Moynihan. Elijah decides to move in with Hannah. Adam breaks off with Hannah because she hesitates to commit, and ends up in an ambulance when he’s hit by a car (people, if you’re going to have a screaming fight, move to a sidewalk). We leave Hannah eating cake alone in the early hours of the morning on Coney Island, wallet-less and phone-less, but not totally hopeless.

What do you hope to see this Sunday? Will we ever find out how Hannah manages to pay rent without Marnie? How many months (or days) are we giving Jessa and Thomas-John? What will Shoshanna obsess over now that she’s had sex? And what will become of Marnie?

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