By Erin Strecker
January 11, 2013 at 04:53 PM EST

You may not know Linda, the luckiest lady of all time, but you’re certainly going to be insanely jealous of her after watching video of Ryan Gosling’s appearance on Conan last night.

Gosling, after sharing that at one point in the late nineties he was in the audience for a talk show (Internet: Find the video!), decided to bring someone up on stage, because he said every audience member is secretly hoping to be on camera. Cue massive audience shrieks. And then — just as you pictured it in your dreams – Gosling walked into the audience, locked eyes with you, and brought you up on stage with him. You know, if you’re Lucky Linda.

He then proceeded to whisper quips into her ear for her to say to O’Brien for the remainder of the interview. Linda: Form a club with the girls who witnessed Gosling break up a street fight and the woman Gosling saved from traffic. There’s no coming back from this high.

Check it out below:

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