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The 10 players who will be returning to take on 10 newbies on Survivor: Caramoan — Fans vs Favorites have now been announced. Although many of these alleged all-stars are more noteworthy for their blunders in the game as opposed to any sort of strategic prowess, they are undeniably a group of big personalities, if not big gamers. Now, Jessica Shaw and I break down each of the 10 returnees — whether we are happy to see them back and how they may do the second time around. Will Brandon have another meltdown? Should the others trust Cochran? And will Phillip and Francesca kill each other? We will discuss and debate on the latest installment of the InsideTV Podcast. Click on the audio player icon below to listen in!

Then, we check in with Survivor alumnus Lisa Whelchel, who will be reuniting with Jeff Probst when she cohosts episodes of The Jeff Probst Show next week. Lisa calls in to talk about reentering the public spotlight, her new gig, and the possibility of getting back into acting. She also looks back at her time out on the island and reveals her current thinking as to whether she would consider playing again. It’s a full-on Survivor explosion this week! (The Lisa Whelchel interview begins at 33:00.)

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