This weekend, the New England Patriots will begin their march through the NFL playoffs in hopes of executing a few football plays on either side of a Beyoncé performance at the Super Bowl in New Orleans on February 3.

This Sunday, they’ll welcome the Houston Texans to Gillette Stadium. Despite the fact that the Patriots absolutely decimated the Texans earlier this year, the two teams match up pretty well on paper.

But there’s one thing the Pats have working for them: Aerosmith’s “Legendary Child – Patriots Anthem.”

A variation on the song “Legendary Child” that appears on Boston-bred Aerosmith’s latest album Music From Another Dimension!, “Legendary Child – Patriots Anthem” is part of a series of tracks commissioned by the NFL and Pepsi. The lineup includes Ice Cube’s Raiders battle cry “Come and Get It,” Kid Rock’s Lions-boosting “In Detroit,” and Kelly Clarkson’s Texas-sized “Get Up (A Cowboys Anthem).”

Give “Legendary Child – Patriots Anthem” a spin below.

You can also download the track—as well as the rest of the songs—here. And be sure to check out the tune’s official music video too.

“Legendary Child – Patriots Anthem” has deep roots both musically and thematically for Aerosmith. “I probably wrote that riff 25 years ago,” explains guitarist Joe Perry. “It’s been around, but I think it typifies what we envisioned Aerosmith to be. If I had heard that song 30 years ago, I’d say that’s exactly what I’d hope the band would sound like 30 years later—as if that was ever a possibility, which I never thought it would be.”

Perry and the rest of the Aerosmith clan have deep ties to the Patriots, so the song was a great fit. “We’re all friends of [Patriots owner] Bob Kraft, but I probably go to more games than the other guys,” Perry says. “A few times I’ve been able to get a glimpse backstage, so to speak, going into the locker room and talking to some of the players. But mostly I like watching a good football game—the mechanics of it.”

Aerosmith are currently mapping out a series of international tour dates that they expect will keep them on the road throughout the bulk of 2013. And for the Patriots? It’s beat Matt Schaub, J.J. Watt, Andre Johnson, and Arian Foster, or go home.