If you haven’t already, you absolutely must read this “Making of The Canyons/Lindsay Lohan profile” that was published in the New York Times yesterday. The article, “Here is What Happens When You Cast Lindsay Lohan in Your Movie,” is a wonderful behind-the-scenes look at the low-budget film The Canyons that was shot while Lohan continued her public struggles. Between the constant smoking, delusions about her life, how Paul Schrader got her to work and her issues with co-star James Deen, the whole thing is a fascinating read.

For a movie that raises some eyebrows when described (in the article, screenwriter Bret Easton Ellis describes it as a “pranky noirish thriller,” a vision the first trailer definitely backs up), the film comes with quite a pedigree. Directed by Paul Schrader (Taxi Driver, Raging Bull) and written by Ellis, the Lohan-starrer was supposed to be a look at L.A. from the point of view of twenty-somethings. Writer Stephen Rodrick was on set for a lot of the filming, and his stories paint a picture of dysfunction before, during, and after the shoot.

Below, the biggest non-Lohan revelations we learned from Rodrick’s New York Times story:

1.) Bret Easton Ellis wasn’t at the original meeting with Paul Schrader, Braxton Pope and Lindsay Lohan because he was engaging in one of his Twitter feuds.

2.) To get Lohan to take her clothes off to shoot the climatic four-way sex scene, Schrader took all his clothes off as well. It worked.

3.) The Canyons is definitely NC-17 with “Full nudity and lots of sex.” No surprise, considering that in addition to Lohan the picture also stars popular porn star James Deen.

4.) The Canyons’ budget is just $250,000, with Ellis, Pope and Schrader putting up $30,000 apiece. Lohan was paid just $100 a day.

5.) Deen was the most responsible and reliable person on the entire production. “He was never late, and his behavior was always fastidious. (He could be seen on set making sure the garbage bags were correctly hugging the trash-can lids.)”

6.) But even Deen had his bad days. He left Los Angeles one day mid-Canyons shoot (when Lohan was hanging out with Lady Gaga) to shoot another porn, without telling anyone, after explicitly agreeing not to leave the area.

7.) Steven Soderbergh saw a rough cut of the movie and offered to give it an edit if he could have the footage for 72 hours. Schrader declined.

The Canyons does not yet have a release date.

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