By Sandra Gonzalez
Updated January 11, 2013 at 07:21 PM EST

Vice President Joe Biden sat with representatives from the entertainment industry yesterday evening for a meeting with the White House Task Force on Gun Violence, and today will meet with representatives from the video game industry, according to the Associated Press.

Yesterday, representatives from the Directors Guild of America, Independent Film & Television Alliance, Motion Picture Association of America, National Association of Broadcasters, National Association of Theatre Owners, and National Cable & Telecommunications Association were all in attendance. Late last night, they released a joint statement to EW on the talks, saying:

“The entertainment community appreciates being included in the dialogue around the Administration’s efforts to confront the complex challenge of gun violence in America. This industry has a longstanding commitment to provide parents the tools necessary to make the right viewing decisions for their families. We welcome the opportunity to share that history and look forward to doing our part to seek meaningful solutions.”

Those from the video game industry participating in today’s meeting have not been officially announced, but just yesterday, the International Game Developers Association published an open letter to Biden on their website, calling for more research on media’s influence on violence. “Unlike some industry groups, the IGDA does not seek to impede more scientific study about our members’ products. We welcome more evidence-based research into the effects of our work to add to the large body of existing scientific literature that clearly shows no causal link between video game violence and real violence,” they wrote. “We ask that any new government research look at the totality of imaginary violence. Instead of simply trying to find negative effects, we ask that any new research explore the benefits of violent video games, too.”

The measures being taken to address gun violence — and, in part, media’s influence on gun violence — come in wake of last month’s tragic elementary school shooting in Newton, Conn.

Biden has said he will make his recommendations on how to curb gun violence to Obama Tuesday, reports say.