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In the music business, as in Hollywood, January is generally not known for blockbuster entertainment moments.

So far in 2013, though we’re expecting the arrival of new music by Justin Timberlake, diving into a brand new David Bowie song, and cranking up the beyond-excellent album by A$AP Rocky. So far, 2013’s musical cup runneth over.

But the biggest news so far belongs (as it so often does) to Beyoncé, who not only has a new solo album on tap and a Super Bowl halftime headlining gig to prep, but also promised the first new Destiny’s Child single in eons.

That song, produced by Pharrell, was co-written by Michelle Williams, is called “Nuclear,” though that explosive adjective may not be quite what you have in mind when you listen to this low-key R&B jam; listen below:

Not gonna lie: This is a little sleepier than we expected, especially compared to such past barn burners as “Independent Women Part 1” and “Bootylicious.” Still, these ladies still know how to harmonize, and for fans of mid-period Janet Jackson (think The Velvet Rope), this will them in their sweet spots.

Not only has Beyoncé got the band back together, but she’s also bringing them to the biggest TV party of the year. Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland will reportedly join Queen Bey during halftime of the Super Bowl, which, if the trend from the past few years holds true, will be the most-watched television event of all time.

What do you think of “Nuclear”? How does it stack up to past Destiny’s Child hits? Let us know in the comments.


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