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Switched at Birth has a habit of putting its teenaged characters through the ringer — and most of the time, their parents don’t get off any easier. Case in point: After years of scrounging to make ends meet and raising her deaf daughter alone, former alcoholic Regina (Constance Marie) thinks that she and Angelo (Gilles Marini), the biological father of her biological child Bay (Vanessa Marano), are finally going to be together. And then, in the show’s Jan. 14 episode, Angelo drops a bomb: He’s gotten another woman pregnant.

“It was just the most devastating scene to shoot,” says Marie. “It rocketed my character right back to the core of the original pain and betrayal and hurt, right when Regina had thought that there was finally a ray of sunshine in her life.”

Things get even worse when Regina shares a very awkward elevator ride with Lana (Annie Ilonzeh), the mother of Angelo’s second child. Here’s an exclusive first look at that encounter:

Credit: Nicole Wilder/ABC

“Oh my God, Annie looked so beautiful,” Marie enthuses as she remembers shooting the scene. “Just that perfect model pregnancy that every woman wishes that she had, and never gets.” In fact, says Marie, she’s so gorgeous that if Ilonzeh and Marini had a child together in real life, “that baby would be so beautiful it would explode when it hit the oxygen. When it hit air in that delivery room, sunshine would just shoot out of its face.”

And Lana’s looks aren’t the only thing making Regina feel insecure. “Her character is everything that Regina is not,” Marie explains. “Regina did not get a chance to go to college; this girl is a medical student, and she is 20 years younger. And now Angelo has money. So this girl is everything and will have everything that Regina did not. And that is the worst part, on top of the betrayal.”

Sounds like that happy ending might be more than a few episodes away. Switched at Birth‘s next installment airs Monday, Jan. 14 at 8 p.m. EST on ABC Family.

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