Oscar Noms Seth Macfarlane
Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Wow, after seeing Seth MacFarlane’s smug, condescending presentation of the Oscar nominations this morning with Emma Stone, I can’t wait for him to host the show itself — it may be one for the ages.

Calling directors such as Steven Spielberg and Ang Lee among “the very best at sitting in a chair watching other people make a movie”? Ooooh, speaking truth to power! Making a sub-par, older-than-Mel-Brooks Hitler joke about Michael Haneke’s Amour?

Dismissing the supporting actor category, in which all the nominees turned out to be previous Oscar winners, with a sarcastic, “Breath of fresh air in that category”?

Yeah, MacFarlane has clearly taken the temperature of the room he’s about to face during the Oscar telecast… David Letterman, you can probably stop making jokes about how much the movie industry disliked your host gig; a new winner in that category may reveal itself on Oscar night.

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