Olivia Munn
Credit: Michael Buckner/Getty Images

In the midst of the prestige awards season, the People’s Choice Awards can serve as a healthy reminder that at least on some level, entertainment is made for the fans and wouldn’t exist without them. Whether through social media, or encounters at the grocery store, everyone on the carpet had their own favorite fan encounter, and none seem to tire of hearing when people like their work.

Presenter Olivia Munn (The Newsroom) described growing up in a military family, having to move around consistently and fight for herself. With her fans, she said, she didn’t have to fight anymore. They’d fight on her behalf. “My fans have given me everything,” said Munn on the People’s Choice Awards red carpet, Wednesday. “They’re people who are helping me make my dreams come true.”

Pretty Little Liars’ Shay Mitchell echoed Munn’s humbleness. “Without the fans we wouldn’t have the show. We found out last night that we took over half of Twitter during our premiere which is insane. It’s incredible. The support is amazing,” she said.

A few awards were even presented on the carpet, including Favorite Cable TV Comedy, which went to Awkward. Nikki de Loach said “we have a season one and a season two and a season three because the fans tuned in every week and told their friends, and told their family members, and the show is as successful as it is because of them. And we have jobs because of them! I hope that it continues. Obviously it touches something in their hearts and that makes us really happy.”

It’s no surprise that social media plays a huge role in allowing actors to interact with their fans, too. “The connection on Twitter is really extraordinary and has added something to my life where I can just tweet to all these people around the world and just talk to people,” said Awkward’s Molly Tarlov. “It’s been so nice to get feedback like that and everyone is so supportive.” For Castle’s Seamus Dever, he even uses Twitter to interact with fans in real life. Once he found out he was attending the same Cubs game as a fan, and used Twitter to find a place to meet up with her for a photo. Homeland’s Hrach Titizan said though sometimes people send him racy photos, that his “favorite is the time one person asked me to shoot a ten second clip where I would said ‘congratulations, please say yes’ to his fiancé. He wanted to propose to her and show different clips of people from shows that she loves saying that.”

For a few actors, including Revolution’s Tracy Spiridakos and Homeland’s Titizan, it was their first awards show ever. Not everyone was a novice, though. Dever said “the last time I was at the People’s Choice Awards, I was catering. It was in Santa Monica when they used to serve dinner and I was catering. I think I served a Chicken Cordon Bleu to Andy Serkis. And I was like, ‘Oh, it’s Andy Serkis! That’s great!'”

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