Current EW cover star Jennifer Lawrence was already having a great week before this morning's Oscar announcement that the 22-year-old had received her second Best Actress nomination for Silver Linings Playbook (her first was in 2011 for Winter's Bone). She won Best Movie Actress at the People's Choice Awards last night and was understandably exhausted, so she can be forgiven for dozing off this morning. "This time I wanted to wake up but I couldn't open my eyes and then my parents came into my room and kissed my forehead and told me congratulations," she told EW. "I know, it's really nerdy. And then they told me about the movie and Bob and Jacki and Bradley and David. Try going back to sleep after that!"

Lawrence is talking about the fact that not only did she get nominated, but someone from Silver Linings Playbook is nominated in each acting category. "When you're hoping for something and you're praying and we're all getting so excited and then it's even better than you imagined it's unbelievable…. [The whole cast have] been texting," she said. "I just sent them a picture of Obama on a unicorn with a rainbow saying 'Congratulations.'"

Unlike co-star Bradley Cooper, this is Lawrence's second nomination on Hollywood's biggest night. Lawrence has previously talked about how overwhelming she found the whole Oscar process. This time, she plans to just enjoy it. "Last time I was just terrified because it was my introduction into Hollywood pretty much," she said. "I was so new and it was so exciting but also really terrifying. And I regretted that by the time it was over, on the very last night, when I was on the red carpet at the Oscars and realized where I was, that I was having fun and until then I was scared. So I just feel like this time I don't want to make the same mistake."

(Reporting by Karen Valby)

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