Justin Timberlake
Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Well, this was a Thursday surprise.

This morning, Justin Timberlake let everybody know that there was an announcement coming in a few hours, which threw the internet into a freakout over the idea of new music from JT — an idea compounded by the fact that Beyoncé talked about working with him on her new album in a just-released interview in GQ.

So what was the big announcement? It was a tease for a tease. In a minute-long video uploaded to YouTube, Timberlake delivers a monologue about why he’s been gone — and why he’s coming back. Check it out below.

Sayeth Timberlake: “I’m the one who sits and is obsessive about it before you even get to hear it. As close as I get to it, I don’t know that I could physically torture myself that much year in and year out, and expect it to fulfill me the way that it does, and that way that it is right now. I don’t want to put anything out that I feel like is something I don’t love. You just don’t get that every day. You have to wait for it. I’m ready.”

The video leads to a countdown clock, which is set to expire Sunday at midnight. Maybe Timberlake is just really, really ready for the Golden Globes to be over, but in all likelihood, we’ll be grooving to a new single on Monday morning.

Of course, the answer to the question “Are you making new music?” only raises more questions: What will it sound like? Who did he work with? Will he tour? What will this do to his acting career? What does this announcement mean for MySpace?

It’s like Justin Timberlake is Dwayne Johnson, and music is his professional wrestling—even if he’s going to come back with little more than FutureSex/LoveSounds II, it’ll still be nice to sing along with the champ again.