Bachelor Sean Robyn

Is it a coincidence that the first post-discrimination lawsuit season of The Bachelor — which hasn’t included a black female contestant since Matt Grant’s season in 2008 — features not one but four African-American women? Short answer: probably not. And in next week’s episode of The Bachelor, one of the three remaining African-American women, Robyn — a.k.a. the one who tanked her back flip during the limo arrivals — asks Sean about this season’s surprising increase in diversity. “I have a question,” she begins tentatively. “You might have to take off your jacket, it might make you a little hot, a little nervous…” To his credit, the Bachelor is not at all rattled — “This is the best question I’ve gotten all night!” he declares — and actually gives a thoughtful answer. Click through to watch his response.

Okay, so sure, it’s a little unlikely that Sean doesn’t have “a type,” as he insists, but you do have to commend him for keeping his composure during this exchange (can you imagine previous Bachelors like Ben or Brad trying to talk about race while the cameras were rolling?) and for how genuinely grateful he is that Robyn raised the issue. And it was savvy of Team Bachelor to include the scene when it would have been easier to pretend like none of us noticed the colorful casting this season. Do you agree?

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