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January 09, 2013 at 12:00 PM EST

In an indication of just how silly this Sunday’s Golden Globe Awards on NBC aim to be, hosts Tina Fey from 30 Rock and Amy Poehler from Parks and Recreation further charmed journalists, including EW, during a Q&A conference call on Wednesday.

Was anything off-limits? Not really. The Saturday Night Live alums joked about everything from boobs falling out of dresses to being on pills during the interview to potentially yelling out “Argo!!!!!” during the telecast.

On a more straight-laced note, Poehler said her parents wouldn’t be able to attend the ceremony, but for good reason. “My parents are going to be in Sweden. My brother’s having a baby,” she told EW during the call. Fey’s family will be home and watching on TV. Both women name-dropped Silver Linings Playbook, filmed in Fey’s hometown of Philadelphia and starring Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper, as a Globe-nominated film they love.

Check out EW’s longer chat with Fey and Poehler for more about the boozy ceremony. But to further whet your Globes appetite, here are 10 silly moments from the conference call. Cheers!

1. Pals helping out with the ceremony

FEY: We have the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders!

2. Spontaneous moments

FEY: Hopefully someone’s boob will fall out of a dress. It’s like hosting a party.

3. First time two women hosting the Globes, and women ARE funny

FEY: Thank God the reign of tyranny of two years of one male host is over!

POEHLER: No one is more bored of that story line than us so we’ll probably not address it

4. Improv training

FEY: You mean, if a drunk person wanders onstage, how we’ll handle it?

POEHLER: If all else fails we’ll make something up on the spot.

FEY: We’ll keep yelling “Argo.”

POEHLER: Argo!!!!! Argo!!!!

5. Being drunk at the Globes

FEY: No matter what time you get there, you always manage to miss the food. … There’s booze on the table and a box of candy. And there’s all these women who haven’t eaten for days.

6. If the two of them originally were asked to host together

FEY: It was originally going to be the car from Transformers.

POEHLER: It was originally going to be the one of us and the car from Transformers. …

7. The possibility of musical numbers

FEY: We’re going to sing the whole show front to back.

8. Multiple costume changes

FEY: I’m going to wear one costume from each of the nominated films, beginning with Django and ending with Django.

FEY: I’ll be able to tear away [my costumes].

9. Drunk during the conference call?

FEY: No. Stone cold pills. I’m at work.

POEHLER: I’m in California and it’s the middle of the day, and the sun is so bright.

10: Drunk during the awards show?

FEY: I’m sure I won’t drink any alcohol until the show is over, and after I’ll drink half a glass of alcohol.

POEHLER: I’m going to take a two hour black out nap until we start. Then I’m going to do a 10 day juice cleanse.

FEY: I’m going to start an aggressive awards season workout routine in the middle of the show.

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