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Hey, gang! How’ve you been?

Personally, 2013 is off to an insanely fun start. Just yesterday, for example, I spent the day on the NYC set of CBS’s upcoming procedural drama, Golden Boy. (Hence the column’s one day delay!) The show stars Theo James (a name/face Downton Abbey fans probably know) and debuts in February. I’ll have plenty from that visit soon.

I hope your New Year has been equally thrilling, but if not, spice up your life by submitting your spoiler Qs! (As usual, is the best way!)


I want to know if we’re going to see more Sara now? I was a little disappointed by the beginning of this season, because I was expecting to see much more [of] her character, due to the actress, Hilarie Burton, [being] made regular. And if you can give me some spoilers about this, I really hope to Neal and Sara back together!! Thank you so much; I look forward to January 22nd!!!!! — Clemence.

First, I got so many wonderful questions for my chat with executive producer Jeff Eastin and a little closer to the premiere, I’m going to highlight several more for a post. Thanks to everyone who sent them in! But until then, I’ll delve a little deeper into this question. In short: YES! More Sara is on the way, and, in fact, I can tell you she’ll be around for much more than just assisting on capers. “The last couple of shows before the finale, Sara plays a very big role,” says Eastin. “I have to say what happens to them [in the finale] is pretty spectacular.” (Hint: The Empire State Building is involved.)

Additionally, Eastin shares that Sara will have a pretty significant development in her professional life: She gets a job offer! The problem? It’s in another country! And while she and Neal have enjoyed their friends-with-benefits arrangement thus far, “when this job offer comes up in the U.K., it certainly puts a lot of pressure on them.” “They realize this [could be] the end,” he says. “Suddenly, because of that pressure, Neal certainly feels pressure to make a decision: Is he content to let her disappear for his life.”

Are you all thinking what I’m thinking?! Again, I say, more scoop soon!


The threat of death on Revenge is no joke. People die and come close to death all the time on this delicious soap, but who’s the next to go? Well, with the plotline at the Stowaway heating up, there have been more than a few names flying around. (Declan?) So I turned to Nick Wechsler, whose character we last saw getting hauled away by the po-po, for a little insight into which character might be the next to go.

“I don’t know who it is, but I’ve heard some whisperings about who it is,” he tells me. But the one safe bet? Adorable baby Carl is as safe as can be (naturally). “But I think basically everyone else is fair game,” he says.

Meanwhile, as Jack and Amanda continue their road to the altar, Wechsler admits that he sees Emily eventually crossing romantic paths with Jack again, saying, “I think that’s what she and I are supposed to have…a [relationship] where circumstances are such where we can’t be together now. But I think we’re meant to always root for them. I think the fates may conspire to give them opportunity again.” Soon? Probably not. “That’s my guess,” he says, “but who the hell knows? It could always go some other way. She could always find a fourth guy.”


Of all the exciting things coming up on Arrow, nothing makes me more pumped than the upcoming guest spot from Fringe alum Seth Gabel, who will play an adapted version of supervillain Count Vertigo.

In the episode, airing later this month, Gabel plays a street thug who is spreading a drug called Vertigo all over the streets of Starling City. Naturally, Oliver (Stephen Amell) won’t let him get away with that for long. “[The character] really wants to be one of the most powerful people in Starling City, so to have the opportunity to take on the Arrow and prove himself to himself and the rest of the city is everything he wanted and more,” Gabel says.

But as Gabel prepares for his debut in the Arrow-verse, some are wondering if the actor, who also stars in Allegiance (out on DVD Jan. 15), will make one final visit to the land of Fringe before the show finishes its run Jan. 18. So I had to ask: Is a return in the cards? “I’m not able to say anything either way about it,” he says. “I’m sworn to secrecy on either front.”

Lewis Jacobs/NBC


I love me some HIMYM scoop. And I love you for all the Barney/Robin awesomeness in your last chat with Craig Thomas. Any more hints about what awaits the betrothed couple? (I hope they find a way to keep Barney true to his Barney-ness…) — Angie

Well, now that you know about all the guest stars slated for the return of Robin Sparkles, I can tell you that it’s going to be more than just our normal romp with Lady Sparkles. “It’s a whole new way of seeing a new part of Robin Sparkles history that also has an effect on the present day dynamics between Robin and Barney,” teases executive producer Craig Thomas. “But it’s going to be really fun.” Additionally, if Thomas has it his way, you won’t notice any major changes to group’s dynamic as a result of the engagement. “Ultimately, it’s my hope that it will feel like these characters that we know and love are entering into this new chapter and they will be willing — as audience members — to go on that journey with them,” he says. “[The engagement] has been such a long time coming. I want to see them be engaged and I want to see them head toward this wedding and I hope the audience does, too. I feel like if you care about these characters, you’re willing to go new places with them.”

SO excited for the return of Justified. Any intel on this new rival for Boyd I’ve been hearing about? — D & B

Boyd will definitely have a bone to pick with the snake-charming preacher you see in this promo, who has put a new substance on the market that is threatening Boyd’s business. On a lighter note, Patton Oswalt is brilliant as a bumbling constable who finds himself working with Raylan quite a bit in the first episode and you’ll see one thing we’ve never seen on the show before: a furry. (Note: I laughed out loud.) For more, check out Mandi Bierly’s chat with Justified EP Graham Yost.

Is Elementary going to introduce Moriarty this week? You can tell me. We’ll keep it just between us. — Lauren

I’ll say this, his presence will be felt. Additionally, after Sherlock walks down a decidedly dark path in pursuit of his foe, Watson will tell a lie that will greatly affect them both.

Scandal comes back this week! PLEASE tell me if Fitz is going to make an appearance. I miss him!! — Laura

You’re not the only one hoping Fitz opens his peepers. In fact, a few characters could be facing jail time if he doesn’t. You’ll learn why in this week’s episode…Watch a sneak peek here.

Fringe!!! PLEASE SANDRA! — Tori

With only a few episodes left, I’m going to tread lightly and say that “The Boy Must Live” (airing Jan. 11) is entirely packed with info on The Plan, features a touching Walter-September moment where they chat about the white tulip (sobs forever), and ends with a great scream-at-your-TV moment that will ensure your attendance to the series finale.

I need some Girls scoop, ASAP! — Ryan

How about a puzzle platter?

+ [A] wakes up next to [B] in one episode, but has a shocking hookup up with [C] that you won’t see coming.

+ Even though [spoiler] has a new girl/boyfriend, [spoiler] might still have feelings for him/her, which leads to a big blowup in episode 4.

+ In episode 2, there are two breakups. Guess the couples.

+ Fill in the blank! In the season premiere, it takes ___ minutes for Hanna to show her assets.

It’s been a while since we had some NCIS scoop. Please help! — Denise

You’ll want to watch tonight’s episode for a development that will change a lot for at least two members of the team.

I loved NCIS’s Christmas episode, but I want to know if anyone from the team going to see Tony’s apartment? — Kim

Sooner than you think. But you should be asking exactly why she ends up there.

Sandra, I read on Twitter that you’re liking Chicago Fire. So am I!! Would appreciate any scoop on the show. Thanks! — Michelle

Episode 15 is going to find one member of the crew out for revenge after a family member is shot.

Anything on Smash? — Renee

You mean a cover isn’t enough!?! Greedy. That said, I’m an enabler so…with Bombshell in major trouble, some of the cast and creative team have time to explore side projects. (For Karen, that’s talent scouting.) However, for one person, the search for other work isn’t exactly voluntary…

I’m confused as to why Happy Ending was moved to Sunday night. While I recognize most folks don’t watch TV on the day it airs, Happy Endings certainly doesn’t feel like a Sunday night show. It’s more of a Tuesday/Wednesday show. Any reason for the move? Thanks. — Lauren

I wouldn’t call it a “move” so much as an expansion. Happy Endings will continue to air new episodes in its normal Tuesday timeslot and in addition to those you also get new episodes on Sundays “for the next few weeks,” I’m told. You can pick any reason you’d like out of the Bag of Excuses, but I’m just going to sit back and enjoy it — especially with this seemingly huge moment on the way.

AHS’s season is winding down and I can honestly say I have no idea where it’s going to end up. Any hints appreciated. — Dave

Funny you form your question that way because to many, this week’s episode will feel like a finale, with a death and one (seemingly) happy ending. But, as you might expect, a lot gets thrown back into the air in the final minutes…


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