Credit: Isaac Brekken/Getty Images

Twitter has been a little bit funkier since Sunday, mostly because of an account set up under the name 3rdEyeGirl.

On Sunday, 3rdEyeGirl started linking out to Prince songs, many of which sound like demos and bootlegs. The tracks have been an interesting mix of established tracks (a live version of “Bambi”) and stuff that is unfamiliar (“Same Page Different Book,” which you can check out below).

The tweeter in question has only linked out to four songs (all of which are uploaded to the same YouTube account under the same name), including a remix of Prince’s 2012 single “Rock N Roll Love Affair.”

“Same Page Different Book” does sound like a Prince song, though like much of Prince’s output from the last 15 years or so, it also sounds like somebody trying to sound like Prince.

3rdEyeGirl hasn’t tweeted for two days, and the last dispatch referenced the possibility of getting sued. However, it’s entirely possible that this could be viral marketing for some sort of 2013 release (Prince did, after all, put out a single late last year).

Maybe he’s cleaning out his vaults again in preparation for another multi-disc fiasco or a box set of rarities? Or maybe this is just to keep people excited for Prince’s upcoming tribute show at Carnegie Hall?

Whatever the case, this should all be resolved and clarified relatively quickly, especially considering how quick on the draw the Purple One is when it comes to litigation.