David Bowie
Credit: Martin Bureau/Getty Images

The last time David Bowie put out an album, Harry Styles was nine years old and Arrested Development had yet to be canceled. Today, One Direction are stadium headliners and AD is back, and the legendary chameleonic rocker has decided to make his return as well.

This morning, Bowie released a new single called “Where Are We Now?” and announced that the release of his new album The Next Day, will come in March.

“Where Are We Now?” is a low-key, elegiac tune, bundled with a delightfully weird music video. Check it out here.

As Bowie explains on the video page, the track was produced by his longtime collaborator Tony Visconti, and the video (directed by Tony Oursler) looks back at his time in Berlin when he recorded his game-changing trilogy Low, “Heroes,” and Lodger.

The track doesn’t necessarily follow the sonic template of those albums; instead, it almost circles back to Bowie’s beginnings as a dreamy folk singer, stacking layers of melancholy over a slightly psychedelic melody. Honestly, “Where Are We Now?” sounds like a slightly more romantic Leonard Cohen track, which considering Bowie’s age and career arc makes perfect sense for him.

What do you think of “Where Are We Now?” and its video? Are you excited for a new David Bowie album? And what Bowie album or era is your favorite?

Obviously albums like The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars and Aladdin Sane are classics, but there are gems to be found in Bowie’s ’90s experiments (Outside and Earthling both have their charms) as well as his 21st century output (his last album, Reality, is full of rugged glam workouts). Sound off below.