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In the 1960s, Stan Lee had one of the greatest sustained creative runs in American pop culture, co-creating some of the most famous characters in the comic book medium. His post-’60s life has been fraught with retroactive controversy and lawsuits. But Lee lived long enough to see superheroes stage a complete takeover of Hollywood, and was rewarded with a curious kind of cinematic immortality. He has made a cameo in pretty much every single movie based on Marvel Comics characters, except for Ghost Rider, probably because he didn’t create Ghost Rider and probably because he had the good sense not to appear in a movie called Ghost Rider.

Now, YouTuber rogerio16juni1998 has brought together all of Stan the Man’s appearances into one handy video package. Look in awe as Stan Lee dodges various pieces of flying detritus, stares up in awe at various special effects, and says lots of pokey-poke lines like “Superheroes in New York? Gimme a break.” At various points, Stan Lee plays Willie Lumpkin, Larry King, a decorated WWII general, and Stan Lee. But I prefer to think that — Fan Theory! — all of these characters are actually the same person, a time-traveling con man who can impersonate anyone and do absolutely any job. Basically, The Pretender meets Doctor Who. Or, I dunno, maybe he’s The Watcher. Watch the video below:

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