By Grady Smith
January 07, 2013 at 09:32 PM EST

The cheeky lads of One Direction have (mercifully) decided to put the kibosh on their “You still have to squeeze into your jeans” ballad “Little Things,” and now they’ve got a new single ready to go for the new year — “Kiss You,” the most zippy, infectious track on their sophomore release Take Me Home.

A video for the song has just hit the web, and, in keeping with the 1D brand, it’s an endearingly inane blend of upbeat silliness, terrible dancing, and awkward “Look, we’re almost naughty. But we’re not. But we are.” touchy-feely-ness. Listen, I don’t pretend to understand why hordes of girls are so enamored with the idea of the boys getting romantic with each other, but there are enough shots in the video below — like the one below — to suggest that 1D’s handlers are very aware that the appeal exists. Also, Zayn, that “ZAP!” tattoo is permanent.

The action switches from the road, to a prison, to surfboards and a sailboat, and there’s no story there to bind them. Basically, it’s happy, harmless fun. Or, as one co-worker put it, what it might look like if “The Village People made less homoerotic videos.” Check it out below:

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