Credit: AP Photo/Courtesy of the Carter Family

What do you get a baby who has everything?

It’s Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s daughter Blue Ivy Carter’s first birthday today, and I’m assuming she already owns anything and everything I could think to get her for the big day — save for a trademarked name. Even her parents couldn’t pull that off. Despite that minor setback, Blue had a pretty glamorous, high-profile first year, even though she only made a few (mostly yacht-based) appearances. She also guested on Dad’s rap single hours after she was born, was a shopping companion for Mom, and set the bar for how cute one could look wearing a concert T-shirt.

And she’s not slowing down: For the upcoming year, she has a pretty full slate for a not-yet-even-a-toddler. She’ll probably be making an exclusive appearance in Beyoncé’s HBO documentary Feb. 13, and fans are anticipating a sighting — or a mini dance-off? — when Bey performs at the Super Bowl halftime show. Being a one-year-old is the perfect time for her to branch out a little bit with a new hair or fashion trend that grown women can then decide to copy (gold flats with tights, anyone?).

But the trappings of fame can seduce even the most A-list of babies. If there is any advice to give her, Jay-Z and Beyoncé should teach her to just say no…to playdates with Baby Kimye. She allegedly has a brand-new million-dollar nursery deep within Dad’s Barclays center. She doesn’t have to Keep Up with anyone.

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